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Well, here goes, my first campground review.

Happy Hills Campground

  • Site: Happy Hills Campground ( / 22245 State Route 278, Nelsonville, OH 45764
  • Type of sites: Primitive, Electric, Water/Electric, and Premium (Water/Electric/Sewer, concrete patio with table and chairs)
  • Amenities: Pond (swimming/fishing), Playground, Swimming Pool (kind off), Game Room, Bathroom/Showers, Laundry room, and Store/Office

We stayed at Happy Hills in late September, technically after the official camping season had ended.


  • The campground was super quiet, people wise anyway.  For those city folk that want to get away, all you hear in the evenings and night is the wild.  I loved it.  My kids, they wondered about what was making the buzzing sounds, chirping sounds, etc… it was very nice.
  • The lot sizes were niced sized.  Lots of trees to keep things shaded.  The roads are all gravel, so there was a tiny bit of dust when the wind kicked up, but not bad.
  • The bathrooms are also very nice, the flooring is all tile and was very clean when I went in.  The showers were large and each had its own “sitting/changing” area.
  • The pond is pretty big, you can see the pictures below.  It was clean (clean as ponds can be), not a bunch of algae growing in it.  It was roped off for swimming at one end and fishing at the other.  There are paddle boats you can rent and buzz around in the pond.

The BAD (well, the not Good, but it isn’t really BAD):

  • Not really bad in itself, but if you have kids older than 5 yrs old and less than 12, the playground is something less than desired (again see pics below).  The toys are a bit old and there is only one swing… if you don’t have kids, this isn’t even an issue.
  • The sites are a bit more expensive that I am used to, but again, I knew that before I click on reserve.  If you depend on your Wi-Fi from your phone, you need to realize that you’re out in the middle of the woods, Verizon service kept going into 3G and our internet connection suffered.  The campground does offer Wifi, you get a taste of it for free, but to use it for working, you’ll need to buy a chunk from the campsite.  It isn’t too expensive I think it was $5 for a day.
  • All that said, remember, you’re supposed to be outside having fun… who needs the internet right??

All in all, I’d say we had a good time here.  We wish we would have just gotten a normal campsite, the table and chairs they have on the premium site are nice, but we carry all that with us anyway, so it was an extra we didn’t need.  We got the premium site because it had the patio and figured it would be on bonus having the large concrete pad next to the camper… but all the sites were pretty level and not having it would have been just as well.

Ok, now some pictures:

Premium Site:

Normal Site:

The Pond:

play1  play2

Game Room:


Bath House (the outside, get your mind out of the gutter!):